Board of Directors

Jeff Stearns, (2019-2022)

President, Landscape Committee


Kevin Larkin (2019-2022) *filling unexpired term created by Arlan Ayres

Vice President, Chair Landscape Committee, Finance Committee


Lisa Mears, (2018-2021)

Secretary, Communication Committee


David Garcia (2020-2023) 

Treasurer, Chair Finance Committee

Tim Guerra, (2018-2021)

 Chair Architectural Committee, Chair Social Committee

 Geri Berdak (2020/2023) 

Chair Communication Committee, Finance Committee

Brian Joo, (2019-2022)

Architectural Committee, Social Committee



Architectural Committee:

Chair – Director Tim Guerra

Members – Director Brian Joo


Landscape Committee:

Chair - Vice President Kevin Larkin

Members – President Jeff Stearns, Arlan Ayers and Frank Lacagnina


Finance Committee:

Chair – Treasurer David Garcia

Members – Vice President Kevin Larkin and Director Geri Berdak 


Social Committee:

Chair – Director Tim Guerra

Members – Director Brian Joo, Alexie Guerra, Rhonda Owen, Mary Chaira 

Communication Committee:

Chairperson - Director Geri Berdak

Members -  Secretary Lisa Mears and Frank Lacagnina

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